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Your Brilliant Team Deserves the Best!

That's Why We Have IJOOZ Fresh Food Smart Vending for Office.

With long working hours, your employees barely get the time to eat appropriately. This can impact the work-health balance. The IJOOZ Smart Vending gives them access to good food and brings in happier times with perks. Employees are going to love it. 

Installing IJOOZ Smart Vending in your office is an ideal solution to other vending machines that stock unhealthy snacks and food. 

IJOOZ has a menu of over 500 drinks, forming a healthy and tasty perks for employees.

We only provide nutritious goods bringing energy to the body and happiness to the mind. IJOOZ has perfect options for health-conscious employees to get some comfort and energy to spend their hectic day most conveniently. What's more? IJOOZ saves them from leaving the office. 

And you do not even have to worry about the empty vending machine. IJOOZ smart vending machine automatically fills healthy food choices with robotic food software.

Special Features

- Food Robotics for Machine Monitoring and Automated Delivery 

You will know what is happening on the fridge via the mobile app. There's no need to worry about manually ordering. IJOOZ will auto-restock the refrigerator as the thing gets consumed. For this, IJOOZ directly delivers it into the fridge with new food items and different varieties of foods–fresh and healthy.

- Provision for Wellness Side Vendor

You can also stock face masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, supplements, powdered drink mixes, essential oils, and OTC treatments for indigestion, colds, flu, and more. 

- Specialty Side Vendor

The vending machine can also provide pre-packaged meals with healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices. 

- Free Smart Fridge Installation

IJOOZ charges no machine fee for the fridge giving free installation and maintenance for 59cm x 59cm x 205cm units occupying the least space of less than 0.4m sq. space. It also consumes less than 1.3kwh/day and has an adjustable temperature between 4°C and 25°C. You don't have to order any minimum amount. 

Exclusive Benefits That Employees Get with IJOOZ Food Smart Vending

Leveraging the benefits of having the IJOOZ, hygienic, automated intelligent vending machine for your employees makes complete sense. 

Here's why employees will appreciate that you are bringing them top-notch food choices.

- Convenience to Access Healthy Food in One Place

IJOOZ fresh food Smart Vending provide your employees with easy access to a plethora of healthy drinks, snacks, and meals and the option of having freshly-cooked hot lunches without the need to go outside. It gives employees easy access to healthy food options that help them achieve their personal wellness goals while lowering their stress levels. They don't have to worry and run to places to get their lunch while there are deadlines to meet. 

- Increased Productivity

It's no secret employees achieve higher productivity if they feel happy. More healthy food means they won't fall sick or need frequent leaves. Reports also suggest that employees who eat unhealthy food or snacks regularly will experience a loss of productivity. Also, they may struggle to focus on the task if they don't get access to good food. Unclear thinking leads to poor decisions affecting productivity. With IJOOZ, we ensure employees are filled and focused.  

- Saved Time

IJOOZ Smart Office Vending is an innovative office pantry service. It saves the employees from running after snacks, and they can quickly get back to their work faster. They don't need to spend long preparing a cup of coffee or going out for snacks. With IJOOZ smart vending machines, everything is at hand. This saved time also means that employees can finish their day's work without spending over time. Furthermore, occasional overtime won't be burdensome but rather full of fresh treats and perks. 

- Improved Workplace Satisfaction 

Employee satisfaction is the spontaneous result of giving your employees healthier choices. IJOOZ is your trusted catering machine to help you show your care and concern for their wellness. This will translate into a better office atmosphere and enhance employee loyalty in the long run. In addition, organizations that care for their employees build a reputation for themselves in the market. Ultimately, it attracts the best talent to your company and lets them stay. 

IJOOZ for Corporate Wellness

Your business's success is based on the success of your employees. When your workforce is healthier and happier, this translates to higher productivity and more projects getting successful outcomes. It means a better business reputation among clients. It can also reduce absenteeism, attrition, and other things negatively impacting your agency's workforce. So, overall, IJOOZ installation increases the organization's wellness, which can positively impact the growth and success of your business. 

More Reasons to Choose IJOOZ Smart Vending

- Variety of Foods to Choose From: At IJOOZ, you can choose healthy foods and drinks from more than 500 product types. This vending machine has 24/7 food and drinks access.

- Smart Grocery machine :  This smart office vending machine comes at a price lower than the grocery store. We provide free machine usage giving all services for free at all times. The IJOOZ team will manage your office vending machine's setup, cleaning, and maintenance. 

- Automated setup :  IJOOZ stocks all products you need in an automated manner employing food robotics to gauge the demand. The machine software will also track individual employees' machine usage in real-time. 

- Flexibility : IJOOZ lets HR change your plan for perks at any time through your business portal with IJOOZ. 

- Self-monitoring : As the IJOOZ app allows employees to track their activity, it lets them control what they choose and how much.

Leverage IJOOZ's Employee Benefit Plans

It's easier to treat your employees with healthy foods and drinks. IJOOZ has various employees benefit plans to offer: 

- Individual fixed: You can decide to give each employee a certain credit amount for a specified period. The $30 credit per month plan is the most popular for IJOOZ vending fridge. 

- Corporate pool: You can also have a plan for the whole agency that gets shared among employees for a certain period. For example, $100 corporate pool plans are most popular with companies with 30-40 employees. 

- Corporate discount: As the name suggests, this plan gives employees a specific fixed discount on items while the remaining percentage cost on the item gets paid by the company.


Partner with IJOOZ to Install Office Smart Vending  

IJOOZ smart vending machines employ food robotics and intelligent software to track activity, which significantly benefits offices. It saves employees time for their core jobs and lets them enjoy new healthy, and fresh foods that boost their energy, morale, and mood.  

Have queries about IJOOZ Smart Office Vending Machine? 

Reach out to us now.

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