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We are committed to transforming the vending & fresh retail industry with our groundbreaking HARDWARE + SOFTWARE technology - including robotics, machine vision, and AIOT. 


#FreshEasy For Everyone 

Many of us strive to eat fresh, especially when on-the-go, but getting access to fresh food is not easy but costly.  

Born in Singapore, IJOOZ proudly makes every Singaporean able to get freshly squeezed orange juice almost everywhere and 24/7. Many visitors to Singapore were deeply impressed by IJOOZ of how smart the idea is and how well it actually works. Many of our country partners joined us just because of a cup of fresh tasty orange juice they drank here. They can't wait to bring such great things to their own country and share with their own people.


We love orange juice but we believe our advanced technology can go beyond that and change the entire fresh grocery. We want more and more people in the world can enjoy such a simple but healthy joy from IJOOZ.



Use Technology To Connect People With Fresh Food

With 10+ years in semi-conductor industry, IJOOZ's founder Bruce already knew how the world has been changed by advanced hardware+software technology in his industry. But back to daily life, he is still struggling on how to get a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice instantly and affordably for his son.  So he decided to change this fresh retail industry with his technology and innovation.

Just like e-commerce makes people able to get most products easily and less cost. We believe in our hardware+software smart technology can make people access and enjoy fresh food anytime, anywhere and at a lower price.

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